Gleaux Pricing 

*Specific Terms and Conditions of the Money Back Guarantee are included in the contract

**Gleaux Solutions LLC utilizes Smart Credit’s monitoring system for the pricing packages listed above which includes vantage scores.

Clients have the option of using our other partner MyScoreIQ to retrieve their FICO scores monthly but will be responsible for the price difference.

*120 Money Back Guarantee Minus First Work Fee
$150 First Work Fee
$129 Monthly Fee 
$150 First Work Fee
$159 Monthly Fee 
$250 First Work Fee
$259 Monthly Fee 

Strategy Sessions

$49.99 - 30 Minutes

This option is perfect for consumers who prefer the Do-It-Yourself approach. During this session we will:

  • Review and discuss your credit report
  • Outline what is impacting your score the most and ways to improve

           Discuss Credit Rebuilding Options

Budgeting Sessions

$37.00 - 20 Minutes

This session will discuss your budgeting habits and show you how to prioritize your bills. Please have ALL of your bills available for the call. This session is only effective if we have all due dates, statement dates, etc.

Credit Repair Plans 

Our Tax Pricing Plans* 

**Pricing does not include automatic software fees or optional bank products (ex. No upfront payment).**
**Student and elderly (over 70) discounts are available**
**Any additional W2s over the allotted four are $25 each**

**Reconstruction of expenses is not included in the Gleaux Tax Plan**

Starter Plan

** Credit Monitoring Included

Gleaux Plan

** Credit Monitoring Included

Gleaux Couple Plan

** Credit Monitoring Included