Got questions about credit repair and its complexities? Can't seem to figure out how does it all run? Well, Gleaux Solutions answers all your questions right here!

What is a credit consultant?

A credit consultant reviews your credit profile and makes recommendations to help you improve your scores. If hired, the consultant will request access to your credit report from major credit bureaus (i.e., Experian, Equifax, TransUnion). Upon reviewing it, they create a plan to fix the errors and execute them as smoothly as possible. The consultant will work with you to assist you in obtaining your goals whether that is to purchase a home, car, obtain a job, etc.

What are Common Credit Mistakes?

Most credit mistakes may appear to be small and insignificant. But on paper, they can have long-lasting impacts. A few of the most common credit mistakes include:
Applying for multiple credit cards/loans at once.
Failure to regularly monitor credit score.
Failing to pay bills on time.
Opting for longer installment plans.
Losing credit by closing credit card accounts.
Taking excessive & unnecessary credit
Not knowing your annual percentage rate.
These are common, and we know you're prone to them. You may fall prey to them. And so, we're ready to help you keep an eye on your credit score.
Do you remove all negative items from my credit report?No, we do remove “negative” items. By law, we can challenge/dispute inaccurate or unverifiable items from your report. We are unable to remove accurate accounts that are rightfully yours.

Can I improve my credit score on my own?

Absolutely! There are certain laws in place that protect you as the consumer such as the Fair Credit Report Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You can use these laws to assist in disputing inaccuracies with the bureaus and creditors.

We offer a Do It Yourself guide in our store and we have planning consultations for consumers who would like to improve their credit themselves but need a little guidance.

How will I know if progress is being made on my account?

You will receive text/email updates from us as we process work your file throughout the program. You will have access to your client portal 24/7. Please know that you will receive more updates from the bureaus/creditor directly in the mail. We required any correspondence received should be uploaded to your portal within 3 business days.
How long will a collection account remain on my credit report?Collection accounts can legally remain on your report for up to seven years from the date of the first late payment that led to default.

Will Credit Monitoring be included in my services?

No, credit monitoring will not be included in your services unless specified in the package you select. You will need to sign up with one of our partners. Credit monitoring is required to continue within the program.

When Can I Cancel the Services?

We have 6-month contracts however, services can be canceled at any time. To cancel your services, please send us an email formally requesting to cancel your contract at least 5 days before your billing date. Please note that services are billed in arrears therefore, the upcoming bill will serve as your final payment. There are no additional charges included.